Proper cleaning dirt hydraulic valve method

Many users in the use of a hydraulic valve useless any larger problem, but it is no clue to the subsequent maintenance and cleaning, and now to resolve technical questions about cleaning the hydraulic valve. Note the following when cleaning:
(1) For a long deposition time hydraulic valves, solid paste dirt, do not scratch the table with the clean-up of what the larger question useless many users in the use of a hydraulic valve, and it had no clue to the subsequent maintenance and cleaning, now to resolve technical questions about cleaning the hydraulic valve.
Note the following when cleaning:
(1) For a long time within the hydraulic valve deposition, paste stubborn dirt, do not scratch the surface with clean up.
(2) pay attention to safety when heated. Certain inorganic toxic cleaning fluid, heating volatile enable people were poisoned, should be used with caution; organic cleaning fluid is flammable, keep away from fire.
(3) the choice of cleaning solution, pay attention to the corrosive, causing the valve to avoid corrosion
(4) After cleaning the parts to pay attention, avoid corrosion or contamination again (5) assembled to hydraulic valve after passing the test before being put into use.
Common cleaning processes include:
(1) removal.
Although hydraulic valve between the parts are mostly bolted, but the hydraulic valve is designed for non-detachable, if there is no special equipment or expertise, forced demolition is likely to cause damage to the hydraulic valve. Therefore, before removing the structure and the way to grasp the link between the hydraulic valve parts, the positional relationship between the various parts of the record when removing.
(2) cleaning up.
Soil deposition Check valve, valve and other parts, under the premise of no damage to the work surface with cotton, a brush, a non-metallic scraper clear focus on dirt.
(3) rough cleaning.
Valve body, valve and other parts on a pallet cleaning tank, heating soaking, compressed air is introduced into the bottom of the cleaning tank through bubble agitation, washed residual dirt, ultrasonic cleaning may be conditional.
(4) sperm washing.
With high-pressure cleaning fluid to clean positioning, and finally dried with hot air. Qualified enterprises can use existing cleaning agents, individual cases can also use organic cleaning agents such as diesel and gasoline.
(5) assembly.
Based on the relationship between the assembly parts during assembly or disassembly schematic hydraulic valve assembly records, the assembly should be careful not to bruise the parts. Original sealing materials during the demolition easily damaged, should be replaced in the assembly.
Due to the different repair technology and equipment of different enterprises, service quality will vary considerably. For lack of maintenance equipment and technology companies, even after the maintenance of the hydraulic system restored to its original state, it should be strengthened to monitor and actively purchase spare parts, in order to respond to unexpected failure.

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